Monday, September 19, 2011

Adventures in Driving

This weekend I went to visit my friend and her family in another part of the city. We were talking about baking, so I decided to ask her if she wanted to come over to my apartment and help me bake key lime pie tarts. After some discussion, we determined that we should take separate cars to my apartment. And that's when the adventure began.

See, my friend is directionally challenged, so I told her to follow me. Well, I pulled up to a red light where I would turn right. The cars on my left weren't moving through the intersection, so I decided to go on ahead and turn. Guess what happened? That's right! The cars started moving, trapping my friend at the light. What's a girl to do? I slowed down to 20 mph so she could catch up...but the cars behind me were all going EVEN SLOWER than 20 mph! We were like the world's slowest-moving caravan, with my poor friend at the caboose! This went on for several miles, through several lights and turns. Every time I made a turn, I thought, "Surely they won't follow me THIS time!" But they did. Like ducklings. I felt like I was at the head of a funeral procession.

Finally I made a turn where I wasn't followed. Thankfully my friend was still faithfully trailing the World's Slowest Caravan, AKA the funeral procession, and we both made it to my apartment without any other adventures. But we sure did spend a lot of valuable baking time doubled over with laughter at our crazy drive.

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