Saturday, October 29, 2011

Painting Project

Several months ago, I started writing my favorite lines from certain worship songs that have been stuck in my head for quite some time on my mirror. Eventually I added a few drawings and ended up with a creation that took up my entire mirror. Granted, it was a little one over the sink in my dorm room, but still.

I decided to paint my mirror creation onto a small canvas, so I could have color and stuff (and so the steam wouldn't destroy it). I tried to make a mottled background with my favorite colors: pink, blue, purple, and green. But, I am a novice painter, and haven't quite figured out how to blend colors together, so I ended up with this:

Definitely NOT what I saw in my head.

This sat in my painting box for many months, until I came across this blog entry. I thought it would be a perfect solution to my botched project!

So, I bought some white foam stickers and did this:

If you will recall from my first post, this is the name of one of my favorite songs by Sherri Youngward. It was the inspiration for my original mirror art, so it's what I chose for this project.

I got my art supplies ready:

I like acrylic paint. It's a lot easier to use than oil paint (and less messy!) and thicker than watercolor. Plus it dries fast, which keeps me from getting antsy. Perfect for a beginning painter!

I used long brushstrokes to paint a nice thick layer of the white paint over my canvas and foam stickers, making sure to get in all the little crevices and not let the paint build up along the sides of the stickers.

When I was finished with the first layer, it looked like this:

I then painted another layer and waited (somewhat impatiently, I'm afraid) for the canvas to dry. I even made candy corn cupcakes for my Halloween party this evening to keep myself from going crazy with anticipation. 

These are so pretty, they might just get their own post!

I just couldn't take it; I had to eat one! It was calling my name, begging me to bite into the deliciousness. How could I resist?

Anywho, my painting finally dried enough to where I could peel back the stickers, and this is what I got:

A tad bit messy, but I don't think anyone will really notice. And it looks so much nicer than the original project! I'm so excited! I can't wait to display this in my newly decorated apartment.

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